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Brexit Forum for Publishers announced An urgent programme of work to support the publishing industry with the core legal and logistical challenges of a No Deal Brexit has been convened by the Publishers Association, with a free Work in Publishing Week Our annual campaign to promote careers in publishing will take place 18th to 24th November Reading both digital and print formats offers highest benefit for young people's literacy Reading both digital and print formats offers highest benefit for young people's literacy.

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Last year, there were exhibitors from 25 countries and territories and 33, The Publishers Association Limited is a company limited by guarantee incorporated in England and Wales. Registration number: Terms and Conditions.

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View or remove a trusted publisher. A publisher is a person or a company, usually a software developer, who has published code, such as a macro, an ActiveX control, or an add-in. Before you decide that a publisher is reliable, you need to know the identity of the publisher, and whether the publisher's credentials are valid.

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Trusted publishers are reputable and meet all the following criteria:. Their code is signed by their digital signature. The certificate associated with the digital signature was issued by a reputable certificate authority CA. If you try to run code that does not meet all of these criteria, Office disables the code and displays the Message Bar to notify you of potentially unsafe code. You can learn more about digital signatures and their certificates in How to tell if a digital signature is trustworthy.

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Top of Page. When Office displays the Message Bar to warn you about potentially unsafe code in a file, you can view more information about the code and the publisher before deciding whether to trust the code or the publisher. To view details about code and the publisher after a security warning. In Microsoft Office Security Options, Office displays additional information about the cause of the security warning, including any information about the publisher that is included with the publisher's code. When new active content such as a signed macro or add-in is in a file from a publisher, the Message Bar appears with a shield icon, warning text, and the Enable Content button.

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If you know the publisher is reliable, you can enable the active content. By doing so, the file becomes a trusted document , but the publisher is not trusted. To learn about designating a publisher as trusted, see Add a trusted publisher when the Security Warning appears , later in this topic.

To enable active content in a file. The file opens and is a trusted document. If the code that Office has blocked identifies the publisher, and you are certain that you trust the publisher, you can add the publisher to the list of trusted publishers when you view more information about the security warning.

Setting the identifier

To add a publisher to the list of Trusted Publishers after a security warning. To enable a publisher's active content for one time when the Security Warning appears, use the previous instructions to access the Microsoft Office Security Options dialog box.


In the dialog box, click Enable content for this session for each piece of active content in the list. If you know that active content macros, ActiveX controls, data connections, and so on from a publisher is reliable, you can add the publisher to the trusted publishers list in the Trust Center. To add a publisher to the list of trusted publishers in Trust Center. In the list, select the publisher's certificate, and then click OK.

About publisher provided identifiers

You can review the publishers that Office has on the list of trusted publishers and, optionally, remove a publisher by using the following procedure. To view the list of trusted publishers and optionally remove a publisher. In the Trusted Publishers list, select the publisher to remove, and then click Remove. To remove a publisher, you need to restart your Office program and provide administrative credentials.